Chapter 1 – Finding Your Story


In this chapter, you’ve called up one or several pictures from fairy tales and you’ve exercised the power of your imagination by stepping into one of those images. 

It’s a good idea to go through these steps with several pictures. Call up the picture, read the story, flesh out the scene, and then step into the character so that you can experience the picture for yourself. The more you see with your creative imagination, the more likely it is that you will be able to relate to the story.

At this point some people say, “Yes, but what I saw in the story wasn’t in the story lines.” They feel tentative about using their mythic imaginations, but here is where we begin to learn to trust ourselves. I might vividly see a tapestry on a wall in the tower room where the Briar Rose sleeps. It’s not in the story lines, but it’s an important feature of my own story so I’ll accept it. Maybe I’ll discover why it’s important as I go along. In this way we come to trust the purposeful nature of our own persistent details.

Now that you’ve done a few pictures, do you feel a wish to know the story a little better? Do you think you might know yourself a little better if you knew the story a little better? If so, consider proceeding with The Story Tour!