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Reimagine a fairy tale to gain insight into yourself and the world around you.

The WonderLit fairy tale courses will guide you

into a fairy tale that fascinates you. Through creative writing exercises and videos, you’ll find your way to a story. As you look into the scenes with your own eyes, you will soon discover that the story is giving you insight into yourself and your life.

There are two WonderLit fairy tale courses, The Story Tour and The Otherworld Journey, The courses allow you to move at your own pace with the guidance of an author and storyteller who has years of experience navigating the terrain.

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The Story Finder contains nearly 1,000 different characters

along with art and illustrations from fairy tales worldwide. In each short entry, the characters speak from their own vantage point in a particular story. Discover what the archetypes represent by what they experience. For example, what is the experience of a mirror, or a giant, or a lone wolf? What kind of character do you relate to?

Written by Michelle Tocher, The Story Finder is a playful tool for finding stories, and for exploring symbols through the embodied experience of many diverse characters.

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