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Welcome to WonderLit – a unique writing experience for people who want to see themselves and their lives through the perspective of a wonder tale.

WonderLit is a way of using your imagination

to delve into a fairy tale and retell it. Through the WonderLit courses, you’ll explore a story that is meaningful to you. You’ll look into the scenes with your own eyes, and map the story to see how it connects with your own life.

Right now, WonderLit offers two courses, The Story Tour and The Otherworld Journey, along with a free resource called The Story Finder. The courses allow you to explore a fairy tale at your own pace with the guidance of a storyteller who has years of experience navigating the terrain.

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The Story Finder contains nearly 1,000 different characters

and many illustrations from fairy tales worldwide. In each short monologue, a character gives you a glimpse into a story from a single point of view. What do fairy godmothers have to say about their archetypal predicaments? What about kings, princesses, stepmothers, wolves, mirrors, and shoes? These are only a few of the unusual characters you’ll meet in The Story Finder.

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