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by Michelle Tocher

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Misery Themes: Addiction | Consumption | Oblivion

It is said that Misery loves company, and I do! That’s the very reason I befriended a poor peasant. I made him sell everything he had, little by little, so that we could go out and get drunk.

Now he’s got nothing left to sell. Is he miserable? Not enough, to my liking!

But I know where a big sack of gold has been stashed. We’ll dig it up and then we can keep getting wasted.

I tell you, there’s nothing I like better than draining good spirits!

Misery in Misery, Russian Fairy Tales collected by Aleksandr Afanas’ev. Painting by 19th Century German School. Artist Unknown.


If you could characterize your Misery, what would it look like? When is your Misery most likely to show up? What do you say to Misery to get it to move on?