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About the Team

Gilles Gagnon

Gilles Gagnon, Web Developer

Gilles is the founder of True Connections Web Development. He has a Computer Science background and has been involved in web design since 1995.

He’s a fun, enthusiastic and creative manager who gets a kick out of delivering outstanding customer service. He also operates a video production company, True Connections Video Productions and a website dedicated to the art of the customer experience, AwesomeCustomerExperience.com.

If you encounter any technical issues in the world of WonderLit, send Gilles an email and he’ll be thrilled to assist you. support@wonderlit.com


Shelagh Armstrong, Illustrator

Shelagh Armstrong created the beautiful line drawings seen throughout this website. Her professional career spans a broad range of work with highlights being her illustrations for Canada Post stamps and designing three of the Royal Canadian Mint’s commemorative coins for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

In 2000, she illustrated the book If the World Were a Village. It continues to be published to this day and has won numerous awards including the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award.

For the past nine years, Shelagh has taught at Sheridan College.

Her most recent work can be found on her blog shelagharmstrongillustrator.blogspot.com

Primary web site shelagharmstrong.com



Along with the invaluable contributions of Gilles and Shelagh, I have many people to thank who have been involved in the creation of the new WonderLit site. Special thanks to Jeannette Hanna, Paul Hodgson, and Blair Francey at the design firm Trajectory Brands Inc., and also to Sabrina Michaud for her consultation in the latter part of the design process.

WonderLit was first introduced in 2014, and the videos in The Story Tour and The Otherworld Journey were shot and produced by broadcaster Andy Frank who is now Manager of AMI-Audio at Accessible Media Inc. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Arlene Moscovitch whose skills have been honed by many years of creating documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada.

Following its launch, WonderLit was soon tested and I greatly appreciated the support of Jennifer Berghage, who won the title of being the first to complete the WonderLit journey and to give it her stamp of approval as a veteran of instructional design at Penn State University.

To all the people who have taken the WonderLit courses and have contributed their thoughtful writings and editorial support, I am forever grateful. In my view, we are just at the beginning of a long venture to awaken the myths that are at the heart of our humanity.