About the Story Finder

Voices in Fairy Tales

by Michelle Tocher

The Story Finder

Are you looking for little-known fairy tales to explore? Would you like to experience what it’s like to see a story through a new perspective? Are you wondering what certain archetypes in fairy tales mean, or what they might have in common? 

The Story Finder is meant to generate creative inspiration and story finding. It contains close to a thousand short entries expressing voices in fairy tales from all over the world. Each character has a unique point of view. We hear from the quieter voices, from the fish and the bees, the mirrors and the dolls, as well as from human and fantastic characters in a myriad of predicaments.

Many of the entries are also paired with gorgeous golden age and classical, vintage artwork. PLUS we have introduced a new feature to The Story Finder. You might find TREASURE! We’ve buried some stories that the author (Michelle Tocher) considers to be gold because they’re well-told, soulful, and relevant.


How to Use the Story Finder

To RANDOMLY explore, click on the illustration of John Bauer’s wonderful woodland imp and a new story will come up with every click.

To SEARCH for multiple versions of a particular character (eg. dragon, wizard, etc.) use the SEARCH BOX. Remember to leave spaces before and after a word that might appear in many words (such as ‘den’ or ‘ring’.)

Click on any one of the links below to find the full text of the stories you’ve found referenced in the Story Finder.