About the Story Finder

Voices in Fairy Tales

by Michelle Tocher

The Story Finder

Are you looking for little-known fairy tales to explore? Do you have an interest in considering different points of view? Do you wish to write about the archetypal situations in fairy tales and what they mean to you?

The Story Finder contains close to a thousand short stories expressing a multitude of different perspectives in fairy tales. You’ll not only hear from the main characters, you’ll hear from the quieter voices, from the fish and the bees, the mirrors and the dolls.

Many of the entries are also paired with gorgeous golden age and classical, vintage artwork.

You will also notice that there are surprises in The Story Finder!

WRITING PROMPTS and STORY TREASURES are hidden in the entries. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen to find gifts of inspiration that we’ve buried like Easter eggs!

How to Use the Story Finder

To RANDOMLY explore, click on the illustration of John Bauer’s wonderful woodland imp and a new story will come up with every click.

To SEARCH for multiple versions of a particular character (eg. dragon, wizard, etc.) use the SEARCH BOX. Remember to leave spaces before and after a word that might appear in many words (such as ‘den’ or ‘ring’.)

To read the FULL STORY, click on the reference link at the bottom of the story.