About the Story Finder

Voices in Fairy Tales

by Michelle Tocher

The Story Finder

Are you looking for little-known fairy tales to explore or tell? Do you have an interest in considering diverse points of view? Do you wish to write about the meaning of certain archetypal themes and situations in fairy tales?

The Story Finder contains close to a thousand short stories, each one expressing a unique point of view from within the larger story. You’ll not only hear from the main characters, you’ll hear from the quieter voices, from the fish and the bees, the mirrors and the dolls. Every entry has a reference to the full text of the story, which is only one click away.

Interested in the human, ecological, and spiritual themes of the fairy tales? Check out THE STORY THEME EXPLORER on The Story Finder dropdown. The Theme Explorer is a new, powerful tool for exploring the stories by themes. Let intuition be your guide!

If you’re an art lover, you’ll find that most of the entries are paired with gorgeous golden age and classical, vintage artwork. All the sources have been referenced.

There are also are surprises in The Story Finder. Every now and then you’ll find a Story TREASURE or a Writing PROMPT. The Story Treasures give you the full text of stories which are particularly powerful and are not to be found anywhere else on the web. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen to find this buried treasure!

How to Use the Story Finder

Click on the illustration of John Bauer’s woodland elf and a new story will come up with every click.

To find multiple versions of a particular character, object, or entity, (eg. dragon, wizard, ball, shoes, cypress, etc.) use the SEARCH BOX. Remember to leave spaces before and after a word that might appear in many words (such as ‘den’ or ‘ring’.)

Enter The Story Finder through the Theme Explorer on the Story Finder dropdown. This is a powerful NEW tool that allows you to follow your own thematic path through the stories.

Every short story entry is linked to the FULL STORY text. Just click on the reference link at the bottom of the story.