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Talks with Michelle

In these short videos, shot in 2014, Michelle shares her experience with fairy tales and the benefits of awakening the mythic imagination.

Meet Michelle Tocher

An introduction to Michelle Tocher and her work with myth and fairy tales.

The Healing Power of Fairy Tales

Michelle discusses the healing power of fairy tales and the way the story of Rapunzel helped her to meet the challenges of chronic pain.

Real Imagination

Michelle talks about two different uses of imagination, and compares it to two types of “wands”.

Seeing with New Eyes

How can fairy tales change the way we look at the world? Michelle talks about the way we can engage fairy tales to broaden our perspectives and see other points of view.

Fate and Fairy Tales

Michelle talks about the relationship between fairy tales and fate,  and the themes in the stories that are common to all human beings.

Breaking Spells

Michelle talks about how fairy tales can become guides to breaking spells and re-animating life.


Michelle briefly tells the classic story Rapunzel to illustrate how the elements of the story speak to our deeper narratives.

Dame Gothel in Real Life

Michelle reflects on the relationship between Dame Gothel and Rapunzel and how it spoke to her about the real life situation of being imprisoned by an external authority.

Towers in Real Life

Michelle talks about how the story of Rapunzel changed the way she saw towers in the world.