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The Otherworld Journey

Table of Contents

Otherworld Journey

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Table of Contents
Chapter 9 - Closing
Chapter 1

The Home State

We begin the adventure by going to your protagonist’s roots. What is the Home State like, and what is familiar about it?

Chapter 2


Now we explore the changes in the Home State that disrupt your protagonist’s world and get the adventure rolling.

Chapter 3

Threshold of Adventure

We find your protagonist’s threshold and discover how your character’s powerful crossing is meaningful to you.

Chapter 4

Labors of Love

We look at the particular trials and ordeals in your story and explore what it takes to do the great work in life.

Chapter 5


Who are the allies who come along to help your protagonist to do the impossible? We hear what they have to say.

Chapter 6


We move to the darkest moment in your story and explore the incredible things that happen when spells break.

Chapter 7


We step back and do a post mortem on the old power that gets overthrown in your story. What does it look like in your world?

Chapter 8


We meet the characters who benefit from the liberation in your story, and explore how the story liberates you.

Chapter 9


We review your adventure and see how your story has shifted you—where you began and where you are now!