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Found in a Story

Have you ever found yourself in a story? Have you ever been drawn to a scene in a fairy tale that has located you in your life, and perhaps shifted the way you feel?

Just recently, I was drawn to the iron shoes in a story where the heroine is flinging them as far as she can throw them. That single powerful scene spoke volumes to me. I could no longer slog through a difficult passage with a sense of dread. I wouldn’t make it to the other side if I didn’t throw off the weight that was anchoring me to the earth. The single picture energized me and constantly reminded me to stay light on my feet.

That is just one small example of how we can find ourselves in a story and be shifted positively by what we find.

Do you have an example of your own? If you have found yourself in a story and you want to share what you have found, please contact me, at michelle@wonderlit.com.


Here are some of the in-depth interviews that I have conducted with people who have journeyed with wonder tales.

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