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by Michelle Tocher

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Happy Princess

I knew that those two brothers of my beloved were lying to the king. They were not our deliverers. What had they done with my true friend? In his sorrow, the golden horse would not eat. The golden bird would not sing, and I sat in the castle garden and wept.

Then one day, out of the blue, the bird began to sing. The horse began to eat. And I felt happy!

The king wondered what it meant.

I went to him privately and I said, “I feel that my true love is here.” Then everything spilled out of me, and I told the king how the brothers had threatened me with death if I were to betray anything.

The king called all the people in his castle to come before him. A young man in ragged clothes strolled through the crowd, and I knew him at once. Were he in any disguise, my happy heart would know him!

 The Happy Princess in The Golden Bird, Grimms