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Queen of the Fishes

Themes: Joy | Power | Recovery

I had sent the little girl-fish on such an arduous adventure to reclaim my crown that I began to doubt she would ever return.

My lady-fishes had started to become restless. “I am tired of staying here,” said one. Her colors changed with every anxious twist of her body. “How will she ever be able to get your crown back from the giant?” another asked. My ladies were right. Even with the magic powers I’d given the girl-fish, it would be almost impossible to reach the giant’s castle.

Another fish mumbled, “The flies on the river are hatching now, and they’ll all be eaten by the river fish. It’s really too bad!”

Fish are not accustomed to staying in one place, even a sea palace with pink coral walls and windows rimmed with pearls.

I had almost changed my mind when I saw a bright golden light moving swiftly towards us through the green water. The girl-fish was returning. With my crown!

Queen of the Fishes in The Girl-Fish, Orange Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

 Queen of the Fishes