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Lilliputian Child

Themes: Innocence | Joy | Trust | Wonder

“Let’s go and play hide and seek in the hair of the Man-Mountain!”

My friend was already running in the direction of the palace square. I was pretty sure that we would be safe. My mother and father had said that he was an exceedingly gentle giant who had gained the Emperor’s trust.

Many people are off to see him today because the Man-Mountain is lying down. The children have started to play hide-and-seek in his hair. Who knows, he might even open his hand to let us dance on his palm! It has already happened several times.

Mother told me not to do it, because, as she said, “What if he had to scratch his nose?”

But it’s a risk worth taking!

Lilliputian child in Gulliver’s Travels, Blue Fairy Book. Illustration by Arthur Rackham.

Lilliputian Child