I were drivin’ the geese in the forest when this beautiful lady comes along, walkin’ on foot. She asks me, “Is this the castle of the green knight?”

“Yep,” says me. “But the knight is very ill and if he ain’t cured in three days, he’s sure to die.”

The lady turned white as her underthings, and I was sure she was gonna fall down.

Then she asks me, “Would you like to have a fine silk dress to wear?”

“Would I? Why, sure I would!”

“Then take off your dress,” she says. “I’ll give you mine, and you give me yours.”

I pulled off my rough linen skirt and tunic, and I put on her fine dress with silk stockings and pretty red shoes. Then I ran away to find my sweetheart, thinkin’ he might take me to a ball!

The Goose Girl Changing Clothes in The Green Knight, Olive Fairy Book