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by Michelle Tocher

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Girl With Her Mother’s Mirror

I was a happy child growing up with my mother and father, but when I was hardly out of childhood, my mother became sick. I did everything I could for her but she got worse and worse, and we knew that she would die.

She called me to her bedside one afternoon. She was holding a box in her hands, and she had been weeping. She said, “My darling child, you know that I am very sick. Soon I will have to leave you and your dear father. When I am gone, promise me that you will look into this mirror every night and every morning. There you will see me, and know that I am still watching over you.” With these words she took the mirror from the box and gave it to me.

I looked into the mirror and I saw my mother’s face, fresh and young, the way she had always been.

She lay back on her pillow, calm and resigned, and she died a short time after.

I never forgot my mother’s last request. Every morning and every evening I took the mirror from the box, and looked in it long and earnestly. My mother was always there, bright and smiling. At night I would tell her what had happened during the day. In the morning I would ask for sympathy and encouragement for every hard thing I had to do.

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