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by Michelle Tocher

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Youth Who Speaks with Wild Dogs

The Lord of the Castle told me that I could stay overnight in the old tower, but he warned me that it was full of wild dogs. They bark without stopping, and will devour a man in the wee hours.

I have no fear of dogs because I know their language. I asked the old Lord to give me some food to bring to them.

In the morning I had much to tell the Lord of the Castle about why the dogs were barking. They were guarding a great treasure and would have no rest until it was removed. The old man said that he would adopt me if I could bring him the treasure.

It was no hardship to go beneath the tower and release the chest of gold.

Now the dogs have stopped barking, and peace has returned to the countryside. I leave the castle, amused. To think that my father tried to kill me for wasting his money on learning the language of dogs!

The Youth Who Speaks with Wild Dogs in The Three Languages, Grimms