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by Michelle Tocher

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Youngest Dancing Princess

I had a feeling that someone was behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck. Then my dress caught on something. “Who’s that?” I cried, turning around. “Who’s holding my dress?”

“Don’t be stupid,” hissed my older sister who was going down the steps ahead of me. When we came to the bottom and walked through the avenue of trees with their silver leaves glittering and glimmering, a tree branch cracked behind me. “Didn’t you hear that noise?” I whispered to my oldest sister.

“That was just a burst of joy because we’ll soon be setting our princes free from the curse!” she said.

I don’t know where she got her confidence that we’d be setting the princes free. We danced with them all night, every night, until three in the morning when our shoes wore out. We couldn’t stop dancing and neither could they.

Youngest Dancing Princess in The Worn Out Dancing Shoes, Grimm.

Illustration by A.H. Watson.

Youngest Dancing Princess