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Yard Dog

You would think that being a snow man, he would have been interested in the frost that flowered on the kitchen window. But no, no, no! The frost only irritated him because he was trying to see through the window to the hot wood stove.

I can understand how a yard-dog like me would be attracted to a wood stove in midwinter. But a snow man? Why would he want to get anywhere near it?

When he melted in the spring air, I got an answer to my question. The snow man had been made around the stove raker, and it was the only thing left standing after the rest of him had run into the gutter. The mistress of the house came out to retrieve the rake, brought it back inside, and leaned it against the stove where it belonged.

Lucky old rake!

The Yard Dog in The Snow Man, Hans Christian Andersen. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Yard Dog