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Wrongly Accused Sister

I killed my brother! I didn’t mean to. He was sitting at the door, looking quite white, and holding an apple. He wouldn’t give it to me so I went to my mother and I told her that my brother was sitting at the window, looking quite white, and he wouldn’t give me the apple.

“Give him a box on the ear,” she said. So I did, and I knocked his head off!

Then Mother chopped him up and made him into a black pudding. Father came home and ate it all, every bit of it, and threw the bones under the table.

I gathered them up into my best silk handkerchief, and went outside. Weeping tears of blood, I lay the bones on the green grass under the juniper tree.

Wrongly Accused Sister in The Juniper Tree, Grimm. Illustrator unknown.

Wrongly Accused Sister