Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1 Finding Your Story

Explore the universe of the fairy tale, and consider the particular stories that intrigue you.


2 The Heart of the Story

Go to the scene at the heart of the story that is calling you, and find out how you are connected to it.


3 Mapping Your Story

Map the terrain of your story. Where does it begin, and where does it take you?


4 Cast of Characters

Meet the characters who inhabit the magical world of your fairy tale—human and non-human.


5 Gateway to Adventure

Prepare for the adventure ahead by reflecting on the healing power of fairy tales, and then test your signs of readiness.


6 The Home State

Start your adventure by going to your protagonist’s roots. What is the Home State like, and what is familiar about it?


7 Changes

Explore the changes in the Home State that get the adventure rolling.


8 Threshold

Find out what attaches your protagonist to the Home State by looking at the resistance that comes up at the threshold.


9 Labors of Love

Look at the challenges that your protagonist has to meet in the adventure. They may seem familiar!


10 Allies

Meet the allies who come along to help your protagonist do impossible tasks.


11 Transformation

Go to the crisis moment in your story, and see how the transformation happens.


12 Liberation

Experience the liberation of your protagonist, with all its benefits and implications.


13 Overthrow

Do a postmortem on the power that is overthrown in your story.


14 Reconciliation

Move beyond the story lines to consider the questions that are still unanswered, and the stories that want to be told.


15 Conclusion

Review your adventure, and see how your story has moved you—where you began and where you are now!


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