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Witch Who Makes a Mask

Oh, I’ve lived a long time, so I have developed quite a bit of magic skill. I like to prepare concoctions and I have acquired a good number of useful tools over the years. One of them is a magic mirror through which I can see anyone, and by which I can take their measure.

I have no qualms about who I serve. If they have money to give me, and the challenge is interesting enough, I will do it.

One day a haggard woman came in through the door. She looked as if she were recovering from some illness that had drained all her power. She asked me to make a mask for her daughter so that she could step into the place of her stepsister who was about to become a princess.

I looked into my magic mirror, and I saw the lovely girl walking in the gardens wearing a green silk dress. I took the precise measurements of her face and made a mask that would fool even the most intimate lover, providing she wore a veil and said absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately, you see, the masked girl could only say “dirty creatures” whenever she opened her mouth. What would her husband think when he approached his bride and she could only say, “dirty creatures”? Where would that lead?

Oh, my work often amuses me!

Witch Who Makes a Mask in The Enchanted Wreath, Orange Fairy Book