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by Michelle Tocher

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Witch of Albatroz

Mine is the castle of Albatroz. Woe to the one who disturbs the echoes who sleep here!

We do not encourage guests.

There’s a commotion outside. Someone is blowing a horn and knocking on the door. He’s shouting, “Is there anyone home? Anyone who will give a knight some hospitality?”

I slide open the grate so he can see the tip of my huge nose. “What do you want?”

“Can I enter?”


“No, no, no!” cry the echoes.

I change my mind. “Such a fine looking gentleman will do us no harm.”

“Harm! Harm!” cry the echoes.

“Come in and be my husband. You will live with me,” I say, opening the door.

I lock it behind him. He’s mine now.

The Witch of Albatroz in The Knights of the Fish, Brown Fairy Book