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by Michelle Tocher

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With the help of King Solomon’s magic ring, I can do all sorts of things. I don’t understand all the secret signs engraved on the ring. But I do know that if I put it on the little finger of my left hand, I can fly like a bird. If I put it on my ring finger, I am rendered invisible. On the middle finger, no weapon or element can hurt me. On my forefinger, I can produce anything I wish. On my thumb, my hand is strong enough to shatter a rock wall.

I never tire of making anything I wish. It appears and then disappears. Nothing is permanent. It passes away like the wind, leaving no trace.

Am I not beguiling? A handsome youth has come to my palace. He thinks that what he sees is real. How I adore his innocence!

The Witch-Maiden in The Dragon of the North, Yellow Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.