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by Michelle Tocher

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Well-Spoken Ogre

What I like about the girl is that she says exactly what I tell her to say, and she doesn’t say exactly what I tell her not to say.

I notice, however, that she does not do what I tell her to do. She took the key I told her not to touch, and I expect that when I leave today, she’ll go up to the room I told her not to enter.

I know what will happen. She’ll throw open the windows and look out into the garden. She’ll see the ox at the well, and he will say, “Good morning, O daughter of Buk Ettemsuch! Your father is feeding you up till you are nice and fat, and then he will put you on a spit and cook you.”

She’ll be very upset when I come home tonight. I’ll tell her to tell me what happened, and then I’ll tell her what to say to the ox.

I hope she will do what I say!

The Well-Spoken Ogre in The Daughter of Buk Ettemsuch, Grey Fairy Book