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by Michelle Tocher

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Wasp of Gopani-Kufa

I am Zengi-mizi, the wasp. Not an ordinary wasp with an ordinary sting, for the father of Gopani-Kufa inhabits me. When he needs advice, he takes me out of my little rush basket and asks me a question. I fly around him and hum the answer into his ear.

Down in the underworld, the serpent king invited Gopani-Kufa to ask for any reward. He consulted me. “What should I ask for?” he inquired. “Ask for Sipao the Magic Mirror,” I said. “It is a wishing mirror and will fulfill all the desires of the one who owns it.”

However, the mirror has gotten into the wrong hands! How could I have known? Those who come from the past do not know the future!

Wasp of Gopani-Kufa in The Magic Mirror, Orange Fairy Book