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by Michelle Tocher

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Unfaithful Ferdinand

I met Faithful Ferdinand riding by on his white horse. When he told me his name, I said, “What do you know about that? I’m Ferdinand, too. Unfaithful Ferdinand.”

We rode together to town. He was impressed by the fact I knew everything that people were thinking, and everything they wanted to do. I had studied black magic for some time, and Ferdinand was nothing but a naïve boy. Unfortunately, he was more handsome than me, and when we came to an inn, a beautiful maiden fell in love with him. She suggested that he work as an outrider for the king, and she went to the king to get him the job. I said, “You can’t just help him and forget about me!” It was easy to intimidate her, and so she went to the king and got me employed too, in the best of all possible positions: as the king’s dresser.

Unfaithful Ferdinand in Faithful Ferdinand and Unfaithful Ferdinand, Grimms