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by Michelle Tocher

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The Prince’s Fairy Godmother

Themes: Kinship | Pursuit

The prince came to me with a pendant that bore the tiny portrait of a beautiful maiden. He wanted to know where she had gone, so I consulted my books. I was disheartened to discover that she had been taken by the prince’s own father. He is a renowned wizard who likes to turn himself into an eagle and fly around his country. One day, he saw the girl in a barge, floating on a stream. He snatched her right out of the boat and carried her away in his talons.

He has placed her in a castle surrounded by a thick cloud. I can see no way of getting in or out of that thick fog.

But wait! There is a parrot who comes and goes. Let us see if we can catch him!

The Prince’s Fairy Godmother in The Wizard King, Yellow Fairy Book