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by Michelle Tocher

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When I was just a foolish girl, I caught a fish.

It spoke and said that if I didn’t throw it back into the river, something dreadful would happen to me. I didn’t listen. I brought it home. My mother told me to throw it back in the river because a speaking fish has power. I ordered her to cook it for dinner, thinking, “What power does a fish have over me?”

I soon learned the answer. The moment I tasted its flesh, my body changed. My head flattened; my hands were pressed to my sides. My eyes rolled oddly to the sides of my head, and I gasped for breath. When I couldn’t get any, I leaped out of the open window and landed in the river.

The river carried me to the sea. Now I have met the Queen of the Fishes who lives in the depths.

She was once queen of the land, but a giant stole her crown, the source of her power. She and her maids were turned into fish, “doomed to be fished.”

I will do anything to bring her crown back.

Girl-Fish in The Girl-Fish, Orange Fairy Book. Vintage ad, 1955.