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Subbar Khan

I heard that there was a madman in the market, asking if anyone had patience to sell. Patience? How curious! I wanted to see the fellow, so my attendants went and brought him to me.

“My master wants patience as a present for his daughter,” said the madman.

“Well, I know of some patience that the young lady may have, but it is not to be bought,” I said.

Little did the fellow know that my name, Subbar Khan, means patience. After hearing the servant go on about the beauty and the virtue of this most resourceful princess, I went into my apartments, took out a little casket, and put a magic fan into it.

I gave it to the messenger and told him that it could not be unlocked by means of a key, but by the one who wanted what was inside. I added that the one who opens it will obtain patience, though perhaps not the kind of patience she had in mind (for I myself would appear!)

Subbar Khan in Kupti and Imani, Olive Fairy Book. Painting by John Singer Sargent.

Subbar Khan