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Starvation Tower

Until Martin was imprisoned in me, I was known as Starvation Tower. Martin, however, was a different sort of prisoner.

He had a cat and a dog for friends. They stole biscuits for him and then they brought him a magic ring. He could do anything he wanted with that ring. He could blow me sky high and free himself in an instant. He could have the king hanged.

But you know what Martin did? He used his magic ring to call for a group of musicians. They joined him in my cells, and played the most uplifting music you ever heard. Folks from miles around came to hear the music that poured from my windows.

Now folks don’t call me Starvation Tower anymore. They call me Martin’s Tower, the music tower. No one ever starves in me.

Starvation Tower in The Magic Ring, Yellow Fairy Book. Drawing is “Saint Martin’s Tower,” Holland, artist unknown.

Starvation Tower