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Soldier Who Avoids Bureaucracy

Themes: Recovery | Reward

I’m just a simple private but I’ve found the king’s ring. He’s promised a large sum for money for it and I plan to return it. But how?

If I report it to regimental headquarters, the matter will have to go all the way up the ranks. It will go from the sergeant to the company commander, to the battalion commander, to the colonel and then to the brigadier general. There will never be an end to it!

No. You know what I’ll do? I’ll take it straight to the king.

Soldier Who Avoids Bureaucracy in The Just Reward, Russian Fairy Tales Collected by Aleksandr Afanas’ev. Image by Луис Лозовик.

Imagine someone who is in a very high position. Who comes to mind right away? Describe what you see. Now imagine that person has lost something very precious. What would it be? Now imagine a very lowly person finding it. What would they do with it? Take five minutes to write the story.