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Snuff Box

Themes: Dependency | Power

The fellow who came into possession of me was instantly enchanted because I have the power to make his every whim a reality.

Unfortunately, he lost me, but after a long journey (all the way to the sun and the moon!) he found me again. He used me to wish the thief and his whole family to the bottom of the Red Sea.

Quite clearly, my owner will go to the ends of the earth to have his wishes granted, but I do wonder what he would do if he didn’t have me. He is positively addicted to having his wishes granted instantly, which makes him the most powerful man on earth. But he relies on me. He has no real powers of his own!

Snuff Box in The Snuff Box, Green Fairy Book.

Snuff Box

Imagine that you (or a fictional person) found this snuff box in a vintage shop. It has a powerful allure. What would it look like? How would it argue against being bought? What would you do? Take a few minutes to write the story.