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Voices in Fairy Tales

by Michelle Tocher

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Themes: Grief | Isolation | Longing

My mother and father wanted a child so much that they made me out of snow, and I came to life. They called me Snowflake.

Spring has arrived. The fields are full of flowers. Nightingales sing in the trees, and my friends are playing outside and shouting with glee.

The happier everyone is, the sadder I become. I curl myself up where the shadows are deepest, like a lily among the leaves. My only pleasure is to lie amid the green willows by the sparkling stream. I am happy when storms break and beat the earth with hail, but when the clouds pass and the hail melts, I burst into tears and weep as if I have lost my dearest friend.

Snowflake in Snowflake, Pink Fairy Book. Illustration by Viktor Vasnetsov.