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Snow-White Rose Tree

I bear white roses. My sister, who grows beside me, bears red ones. We stand in a garden before a poor cottage where a widow lives with her two daughters. They are as old as we are, and one is named Snow-White, the other, Rose-Red. They are the sweetest and best children in the world, diligent and cheerful. Like me, Snow-White is quieter and more gentle than Rose-Red.

Rose-Red loves to run about the fields and meadows, and to pick flowers and catch butterflies. Snow-White would rather sit at home with her mother and help her do the chores, or read aloud to her when there is no work to do.

The two children love each other dearly. We watch them walk hand in hand whenever they go out together. Snow-White says, “We will never desert each other,” and Rose-Red replies: “No, not as long as we live.” Their mother says: “Whatever one gets she will share with the other.”

We are all bound together, in joy and grief.

The Snow-White Rose Tree in Snow-White and Rose-Red, Blue Fairy Book. Illustration by L. Leslie Brooke.

Snow-White Rose Tree