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Shepherd with a Flower

I never saw anything so beautiful as that delicate flower growing in the field. I could not help myself. I picked it, carried it home, and laid it with great care inside my chest.

Ever since then, when I come home at the end of the day, the inside work is done. The room is swept, the table and benches are wiped down, the fire is lit, and dinner is served.

Today, I went to see a wise woman who believes the flower is involved in some sort of enchantment. She told me to listen, early in the morning, for movement in the room. If I hear anything, I must throw a white cloth over it, and that will stop the magic.

I’ll do what she says, but to be honest, I do not wish to stop the magic.

Shepherd with a Flower in Sweetheart Roland, Grimms. Painting by James Northcote.

Shepherd with a Flower