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Seventh Dwarf

Themes: Dread | Threshold

She came to rest in my bed. My bed! The most beautiful princess in the world! I would not wake her, oh no, not for anything.

Now, every night, I sleep with the other dwarves, one hour with each, so that no one’s rest is disturbed. Only my rest is disturbed. It is worst during the day, when we leave to go and work in the mines, because then I worry.

Our dear princess has cleaned our house, opened the windows, and cleared the air. She has brought birdsong and sunshine to our darkened lives. Now we tell her to lock the door and close the windows. She does not understand why she must do so. Why does the queen hate her? Why must she must hide her beauty and live in fear?

No, I do not rest.

The Seventh Dwarf in Snow White, Grimms. Illustration by A.H. Watson.

Seventh Dwarf