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Ring Seeker

I set out in search of King Solomon’s ring because it was our only hope of destroying the dragon who was consuming the whole world. I walked toward the sunrise because I knew that all the old wisdom comes from the East.

After travelling for a few years, I met a famous Eastern Magician. He told me that I would not likely find help from humans. “The birds of the air would be better guides to you,” he said. He offered to help me understand their language, and so I stayed with him for a few days. He brewed a powerful potion out of nine herbs which he had gathered alone by moonlight. He gave me nine spoonfuls each day for three days and the medicine opened my ears.

Since then, I have never felt lonely in the woods. The birds are always around me, conversing, and I enjoy their company. But I haven’t heard them say anything about the ring.  Tonight, when I’m weary, I hear one gaily-plumed bird say to another, “I know that wandering fool under the tree. He’s trying to find King Solomon’s ring.”

The other bird says, “He’ll have to seek help from the witch-maiden.”

According to the birds, the witch-maiden has no settled dwelling. She’s here today, gone tomorrow. I might as well try to catch the wind. But wait. The birds know where she will be three nights from now. Every full moon, she comes to a certain spring to wash her face and refresh her youth. The birds are going to fly there. That means I will have to follow them. No easy task for one without wings!

The Ring Seeker in The Dragon of the North, Yellow Fairy Book