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by Michelle Tocher

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I thought, The nerve of that king! He pretends to be smitten by me, but the moment he gets me to his castle, he shoves me into a little turret room with a maid and a pile of flax. Then orders me to spin it! I brought seven thousand golden guineas to this marriage! Is he out of his mind?

I went into such tirades, and I ran home several times to get help from my fairy godmother. He made me take care of a dog, and that was more than I could bear. I threw it out the window!

The last time I ran home, an old, bearded man came to the door instead of my godmother. “Who are you?” he barked. “And what do you want?” Foolish old goat, how dare he address me that way!

Then he held up a mirror so that I could see my face. I nearly fainted with horror, for staring back at me was the ugly, hairy face of a goat. Then I saw everything. My fairy godmother had punished me for my ingratitude by giving me a goat’s head, and leaving without so much as a “fare-thee-well.” No wonder the king hid me in the tower room!

Renzolla in The Goat-Faced Girl, Grey Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.