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by Michelle Tocher

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Red, the Jealous Counselor

So this fellow comes into the castle with his massive, slobbering dog. They pass the guards and march straight into the hall to speak to the king. The fellow demands that the king give him a room for the winter, where he and his dog can stay.

For some unknown reason, the king grants the request of this no good, flea-bitten peasant. When he and his dog come into the courtyard, we laugh at them. The dog is bigger than the fellow himself. “Who’s the master?” we jeer. “Which one of you is on the leash? Do you sleep together?” The fellow warns us not tease him or we’ll the worse for it.

“Bring it on!” we shout. We don’t give a whit what this stinking peasant thinks.

Red, the Jealous Counselor in Prince Ring, Yellow Fairy Book