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Queen Who Gives Birth to a Donkey

I wanted a child, and when the child didn’t come, oh I lamented. Day and night! “I am like a field on which nothing grows!” I cried.

At last my wish was granted, but what did I give birth to? It was not a human child, but a donkey. Then I cried in earnest. I told my husband to throw it into the water and let the fishes devour it!

The king simply said, “No, since God has sent him he shall be my son and heir, and after my death he will sit on the royal throne and wear a kingly crown.”

I was disgusted. Nonetheless, the donkey stayed with us. He grew bigger, and his ears grew up high and straight. He had a merry disposition and he jumped around, played, and took particular pleasure in music. He wanted to play the lute, and so he sought out a celebrated musician.

You know, really, I must say, he’s become quite good, and do love to have him around!

Queen Who Gives Birth to a Donkey in The Donkey, Grimms. Painting by Árpád Basch.

Queen Who Gives Birth to a Donkey