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by Michelle Tocher

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Princess Who Marries a Pig

I knew from the moment I heard him speak that he was not an ordinary pig. But he was still a pig! And he had come to the castle to marry me. I had no escape. The street was full of pigs. All the pigs in the world had come to the castle that day. What could I do? It had been written in the Book of Destiny that I would marry a pig!

We drove away in his carriage. He stopped the driver when we passed a bog, got out, rolled in the mud, and climbed back into the carriage. He wanted a kiss. What could I do? I pulled out my handkerchief, wiped his snout, and granted his wish.

That night, after supper, I undressed and lay in bed, terrified. The door opened, and a man came in. A beautiful man, well-spoken and gentle. When dawn arrived, he rolled out of bed, a pig once more. A pig by day and a man by night. I endured the humiliation because I was the only one who truly knew him.

But when I asked him how he had been turned into a pig, he would not tell me. The subject was forbidden.

Princess Who Marries a Pig, The Enchanted Pig, Red Fairy Book. Illustration by Jean Bernard.

Have you ever felt repelled by someone who then endeared themselves to you? Write out the story of your experience. What were you reacting to, and what happened to cause your reaction to change?