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Princess Who Chooses Her Husband

I insisted that I choose my own husband from the men in the country. I would not allow my father to choose for me, much to his annoyance.

The young men arrived—tall, short, dark, fair, rich, and poor. They stood in rows in the courtyard while I passed before them all, dressed in green with a golden veil flowing behind me.

I held a golden apple which I intended to give to the one who pleased me. I came to a youth whose appearance was not especially remarkable. There were better-looking men in the line-up who wore much finer clothes. But he met my eyes frankly, with a smile. I smiled too, and I gave him my apple.

The Princess Who Chooses Her Husband in He Wins Who Waits, Olive Fairy Book. Illustration by H.J. Ford.

Princess Who Chooses Her Husband