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Prince Loved by the Undine Queen

I spent seven years living under the lake with the ravishing green-haired queen. She wanted to marry me, but I only thought of Abeille. “It is only Abeille I wish to marry,” I said repeatedly. “Let me go home. Please.” I might as well have been talking to the wind. Eventually she became furious with me and imprisoned me in a crystal cage that was built around a pointed rock.

I remained there for some time, and then one day a little bearded man wearing a crown and spectacles found me. He had been methodically making his way to me at a very slow pace. He touched the cage with his ring, and it split from top to bottom.

He led me through the caverns and mines, and then he pointed to a flight of steps ascending to earth. “Follow that path and you will find yourself in the world again,” he said. “Farewell.”

“If you must bid me farewell, please say that I shall see you again,” I said. “After what you have done, my life is yours.”

“What I have done is not done for your sake, but for another’s. It will be better for us never to meet again, for we can never be friends.”

I studied his stern face. I never imagined that my deliverance would cause me such pain.

Prince Loved By the Undine Queen in The Story of Little King Loc, Olive Fairy Book. Image by JC Leyendecker.

Prince Loved by the Undine Queen