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by Michelle Tocher

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Daughter Who Follows a Spirit

I had been lost in the forest for nine days when I came upon an iron stove. I wondered how it came to be so far away from everything.

Then a voice issued from it, and asked me, “From whence do you come, and whither do you you?”

I said, “I have lost my father’s kingdom, and cannot find my way home again.”

Then the voice said, “I will help you to get home, and most swiftly, if you will promise to do what I desire of you. I am the son of a far greater King than your father, and I will marry you.”

How could I possibly marry an iron stove? But as I very much wanted to get home to my father, I promised to do as the voice desired.

Then he said, “You will return here, and bring a knife with you. Then scrape a hole in the iron.”

I agreed, and a spirit rose out from the stove. He walked ahead of me but did not speak, and in two hours I was home.

Daughter Who Leaves the Old King in The Iron Stove, Grimms. Picture by Florence Mary Anderson.

Daughter Who Follows a Spirit