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Pinkel the Thief

Themes: Advancement | Theft

I took all the power away from the witch. Ha!

First, I got her lantern. Then I got her goat with the tinkling bells, and finally, I stole her golden cloak.

I jumped into the boat and rowed away from the island. She ran down to the shore, screaming:

“Is that you, Pinkel!”

“Yes, dear mother, it is!” I shouted.

“Have you taken my golden cloak?”

“Yes, dear mother, I have.”

“Are you not a great knave?”

“Yes, dear mother, I am!”

I am going to be well rewarded for my efforts. I am going to marry the king’s daughter. She wants to wear the golden cloak at the wedding feast, but the king won’t part with it. He’ll never part with it. Anyone who wears it lights up the room!

Pinkel the Thief in Pinkel the Thief, Orange Fairy Book. Painting by Rembrandt.

Pinkel the Thief