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by Michelle Tocher

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Pike Who Answers a Need

I begged the man not to eat my little one. I promised to do him a good turn and so he threw my darling back into the sea.

I watched him from under the deep pool. He sat on the quietly on rock above me. The water became so still that I could hear what he was thinking.

‘How am I going to get across the sea?’

Well, I knew how to help him do that. I stretched myself into a long bridge that went all the way across the water to the other shore. The young man walked along my back until he came to the foot of a great oak on the other side.

Pike Who Answers a Need in Koschei the Deathless, Russian Fairy Tales Collected by W.R.S. Ralston. Vintage Postcard by Nikolay Kochergin.

Pike Who Answers a Need

Can you think of a moment when you or someone else did something that was spontaneously kind? When two strangers were suddenly present to one another? What happened that made that moment so special and memorable?