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Panther Who Covets Shoes

I was walking along the road one day when I met a jackal. He seemed to me to be a very distinguished fellow in his fine shoes.

“Excuse me,” I said politely. “But I cannot help admiring your shoes. Do you mind telling me who made them?”

“Yes, they are very nice, aren’t they? I made them myself,” said the jackal.

“Could you make me a pair, too?” I inquired, eager to have my own.

He agreed on the condition that I kill a cow for him, which I did. After I had skinned the animal, the jackal and his friend the hedgehog came along, and we all feasted on the meat.

The next morning the jackal got up early and worked on the shoes. When he had finished, he told me to let them dry in the sun and not to wear them for two hours. Meanwhile, he and his friend had to be off on their journey.

I waited, as instructed, and after two hours had passed, I put on the shoes. I stretched out my forepaws with pride. They looked wonderful on me. But when I tried to walk, well that was another story! They were so stiff they made me shriek in pain. Worst of all, I couldn’t get them off!

Panther Who Covets Shoes in The Adventures of a Jackal, Orange Fairy Book. Picture by Ludwig Hohlwein.

Panther Who Covets Shoes