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Old Toad Under the Castle

The king threw three feathers to the wind to determine which of his three sons will be king.

The two older boys ran off to follow the feathers that flew to the east and the west. But the third son, the simpleton, went nowhere. His feather floated down to the ground in front of the castle. He wept, thinking he was never meant to go anywhere at all.

Then he saw a trapdoor under the feather, and he opened it. He went down the stairs, and who do you think he found?

Us! The toads.

We who live under everything have been living here for a very long time. We know who the true king is, and we will grant his wishes. So when the boy found our door, I called my maid:

“Little green waiting maid
Waiting maid of the limping leg,
Little dog of the limping leg,
Hop hither and thither
And quickly see who is without!”

Old Toad Under the Castle in The Three Feathers, Grimms. Illustration by Anne Anderson.

Old Toad Under the Castle