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by Michelle Tocher

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Old Speaking Horse

Themes: Guidance | Support

When the young man came into the stable, he passed rows and rows of fine horses with their names written in gold above their stalls. He stumbled by aimlessly, and I heard him talking to himself.

“How can I find the princess Bella-Flor when I have never even seen her? Why would the king give me such a task?”

I neighed and shook my mane to call him over. When he got close, I whispered, “Take me and all will be well.”

Mechanically, he laid his hand on my bridle and led me out of the stable. He was so bewildered he didn’t seem surprised to hear an old horse speak.

“Pick up those three loaves of bread before we set forth,” I said.

He picked up the bread. Asking no questions, he swung himself onto my back. Funny fellow! He couldn’t even see the help he had moving underneath him!

Old Speaking Horse in The Princess Bella-Flor, Orange Fairy Book. Picture by Albrecht Durer.

Old Speaking Horse