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Old Grasscutter

I have no relations. I live alone in a little mud hut, outside of town, and I make my living by cutting grass in the jungle. Then I sell it as fodder for horses. I am a simple old man, and I save one halfpenny every day because I need very little food and clothing.

In this way I lived for many years. Then one night, I thought that I would count my money. I had hidden it away in an earthen pot under the floor of my hut. When I pulled out the bag, I was astonished to see how many coins tumbled out of it. What to do with it all? I didn’t know, so I put it all back in the sack and pushed it under my bed.

The next day, I took my sack of money to the shop of a jeweler in town, and I bargained with him for a little gold bracelet. I carefully wrapped it in my cotton waistband and went to the house of a rich friend, a travelling merchant who wandered through many countries with his camels. I asked him who was the most virtuous and beautiful lady he had ever met. Right away, he named the princess of Khalistan. She was renowned for the beauty of her person, and for the kindness and generosity of her disposition.

I gave him the bracelet and asked him to give it to her. Nothing could make me happier!

The Old Grasscutter in Wali Dad the Simple-Hearted, Brown Fairy Book. Painting by Ilya Repin.

 Old Grasscutter