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by Michelle Tocher

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Old Eric

Themes: Defeat | Underworld

No one dares to fish in Devilmoss Lake! It’s my lake! I’ll soon be rid of this impertinent human!

That’s what I thought when I rose up and grabbed him from behind. I dragged him to the bottom, and I was about to stamp him to death when he said, “Oh, could you wait just a little?” Then he caught me by the back of the neck and hammered me with his staff until I was flat as a pancake. I howled and pleaded for my life, and he gave it to me, in exchange for a few favors.

I’m still nursing my wounds in Purgatory. I’ve met a lot of demons in my time, and I don’t know what he is, but I hope to hell I never¬†get tangled up with him again.

Old Eric in Hans, The Mermaid’s Son, Pink Fairy Book