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by Michelle Tocher

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I had great power, more power than any mere king. I owned all the land around my castle for as far as the eye could see. One day I had a visit from a strange-looking Cat who wore a large pair of boots and had a bag strapped around his neck. He was very well-spoken so I received him civilly, and invited him in for a visit.

The Cat said, “I am told that you have the gift of being able to change yourself into any creature you wish. You can, for example, transform yourself into a lion, or an elephant….”

“That is true,” I said. “To convince you, you shall see me become a lion.”

Instantly I changed into that great beast and pounced on the Cat who leapt off the balcony and onto the roof gutter. It wasn’t an easy feat for him to remain there, not in those boots. He kept slipping on the tiles. What a fool! After a while I tired of the game and resumed my natural shape. The Cat came down off the the roof and admitted that he had been genuinely terrified. Ha. Good for me.

Then the Cat said, “I have also been informed, though I know not how to believe it, that you have the power to take on the shape of the smallest animal. For example, you can change yourself into a rat or a mouse. I must admit that I find this to be impossible, even for you.”

“Impossible?” I cried. “Not at all!”

I changed myself into a mouse and instantly the Cat sprang upon me. I had no time to think. Just run run run and seek the tiniest crack to disappear into!

The Ogre in Puss and Boots, Blue Fairy Book